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Teach Citizenship: make stimulating debates and discussions part of your everyday.

When can I apply?

You can apply for your chosen Citizenship teacher training course(s) now – applications open via UCAS Teacher Training in mid to late October each year, and close either when courses become full or usually in August of the year a course begins.

Places with all providers are available on a first-come, first served basis, so wherever possible applying earlier rather than later will give you a statistically stronger chance of securing a place.  It’s definitely worth checking how many places are available with your chosen provider(s) before you apply and asking when they recommend that you apply so you can organise your time effectively.

One factor which commonly delays the application process is applicants feeling they don’t yet have enough classroom experience.  If you don’t already have this, we recommend taking strides to organise this as soon as you can, though if places are limited on your preferred course(s) do not delay submitting your application for this.  You can always indicate on your form that you have begun organising school-based experience and will complete the required number of days before the course begins.  In any case, if all other criteria are satisfied, a provider can always make a conditional offer of place subject to you completing additional days observing/supporting Citizenship or related subjects in the classroom.

After application it is also worth checking to see you have the appropriate funding arrangements in place to support yourself (and if necessary, other dependents) during your year of teacher training.  Both Student Finance and the provider(s) you have applied to should be able to help advise you here.



About us

Teach Citizenship is led by PGCE Citizenship at UCL Institute of Education in collaboration with colleagues at Kingston University, Sheffield Hallam University, Bishops Grosseteste University, the Harris Federation, Bradford College, Gorse SCITT, Norfolk Teacher Training Center and Kent and Medway Training and the Association for Citizenship Teaching.

It is designed as a straightforward online guide for graduates & career changers interested in training to teach Citizenship education.

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